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By Wilson Ring, AP

Republican Heidi Scheuermann, who proposed one of the amendments, said the change was needed to protect the election.

"The integrity of the process is just as important as the safety that we're talking about, the health and safety of Vermonters," she said.

By Elizabeth Gribkoff,

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, a member of the committee, stressed before casting a no vote that she hopes the bill can be modified in a way she can support it. 

“My biggest concern is the ceding of our authority and frankly responsibility as elected officials to the executive branch, regardless of who the executive branch is,” she told fellow Republican lawmakers during their Tuesday caucus. 

By Xander Landen,

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, said she had concerns about starting a new education program “without addressing the underlying problem of the education finance system.”

“Adding another program onto that without addressing that education finance system is problematic in my view, so I’m looking forward to hearing exactly what he is proposing,” she said after the governor’s State of the State address.