It was a packed house on July 25th at the Scheuermann for House Campaign Kick-Off.


"Thank you to all who turned out to kick-off my campaign for re-election to the Vermont House," said Scheuermann.  "Your incredible support and encouragement is both humbling and inspiring."

People from throughout Stowe - parents and students, small business owners and employees, educators, and seniors - gathered to show their support for the campaign, and listened enthusiastically as Scheuermann outlined some of her work throughout the years, and the very important reasons she would like to continue as Stowe's State Representative.

"Heidi is the epitome of what makes Stowe a great community," said Leslie Anderson.  "Not only does she give tireless of her time and effort to make this a better place for all of us, but her work in the legislature has been instrumental in moving our community forward."

"Danielle and I were honored to co-host the kick-off," added Rich Marron.  "I know how difficult the work is in Montpelier, and Heidi has tackled it admirably through the years.  She has listened tot he thoughts and concerns of our community and has been successful in ensuring that voice is heard and represented in the House.  It is critical that that kind of representation continue."

From Scheuermann’s Speech:

"I still enjoy this job very much, and believe that I provide the experienced, thoughtful, independent voice that Stowe expects, and frankly, deserves, in the Vermont House.

Especially at this time - as we are starting to turn the ship of state around with sustainable spending, lower taxes, and a growing economy - we need to ensure our voice is one that works diligently to continue down that road; and does so by reaching across the aisle to advance sound policies.

On that, my record is clear.

Working with people form across the political spectrum, I have been the leading voice for education funding reform, property tax relief, and local control of education.

My quest for ethics reform and the creation of an independent ethics commission was a lonely one for a long time, but I persisted and we were finally successful last year with great tri-partisan support.

With Democrats, Independents, and Republicans from tourist destinations across the state, I have successfully fought, year after year, for additional investments in tourism and marketing - investments that are so important to our community.

And, for four years, former Democratic Representative Paul Ralston, and I led the effort to make some of the most important changes and investments in years in economic development efforts.  Included among those were: the elimination of the cloud tax, the creation of a first-time homebuyer down payment assistance program; the creation of both an entrepreneurial lending program and a domestic export program to help our manufacturers to to the regional and national markets; and increasing the licensed lender limit from $75,000 to $250,000.

Finally, I was proud to have guided through the legislature this year a bill to modify our beer franchise laws that will allow our craft brewers - a now thriving sector of our state's economy - greater opportunity to get their products to market.  And, I successfully fought against legislation that would have had a dramatic impact on our outdoor recreation industry by opening up the door to a much wider array of legal claims and significant increases in liability insurance.

While I am proud of these accomplishments, there remains a great deal more to do.

The problem of our state's affordability is one we cannot tax our way out of.  More taxation isn't the answer to our aging workforce, nor is it the answer to the slow erosion of our communities through the emigration of our young people.

The solution to these problems requires continued economic growth and the creation of decent opportunities for people to live, work, and raise families.  we must do everything in our power to convince Stowe's, and Vermont's entrepreneurs and business owners that their ideas will be encouraged to succeed rather than challenged to survive.

So, as we look toward our future and see what work remains, it is absolutley critical that Stowe has an experienced, independent, thoughtful voice in Montpelier that is both willing and able work across the political spectrum to advance good, sound public policy, but also one willing to take on the special interests and fight against bad policy.

I believe I am still that person." 

-- 30 --