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By Leslie Anderson, Longtime Stowe Resident and Dedicated Member of the Stowe Community

"I've been hearing a lot of talk recently claiming that our representative in the Vermont House, Heidi Scheuermann, should not be supported because she blindly follows the Republican Party line.  I just have to chuckle at this claim.

After all, is this the same Heidi who was the first Republican in the House to vote for same-sex marriage? And, then a deciding vote ensuring a great piece of civil rights legislation was not vetoed by her Republican governor?

This can’t be the same Heidi who founded the Vision to Action Vermont political action committee that supported — financially and otherwise — Democratic, Republican and independent candidates from throughout Vermont for the Legislature (for which she was resoundingly criticized by members of her own party)?

And, it can’t be the same Heidi who voted in favor of reforming our gun laws this year? Or the Heidi who was the sole Republican co-sponsor of the bill to counter President Trump’s executive orders on immigration?

Yes, Heidi is a Vermont Republican. But, she is more than that. She is an independent thinker who looks at every issue on its own merits. She works with people from across the political spectrum to advance good public policy; policy that will benefit the people and community of Stowe and the state of Vermont.

As someone who has worked closely with Heidi in numerous capacities, I can assure you that she doesn’t blindly follow anybody."

By Dick Marron, Longtime Stowe Small Business Owner and Former Stowe State Representative

"I know that Heidi works tirelessly in the Vermont house, working across party lines to achieve her legislative objectives.  I respect that, for I always attempted to do the same when I represented Stowe in the Legislature.  Sometimes we were criticized by members of our own party in our efforts to work in a bipartisan manner to pass legislation that was important to Vermonters ...

"Heidi is a true independent voice in the Legislature.  In these polarized political times, we need more people who can work together as centrists to make Vermont an attractive place to live, work, and do business."


My Marion Baraw, Longtime Stowe Resident, Small Business Owner, and Dedicated Member of the Community

"Facts matter! It was disappointing to read the letter in last week's paper falsely accusing Heidi Scheuermann of not supporting the pregnancy accommodations bill.

In fact, Heidi did support and voted in favor of the bill. More importantly, just as she has done throughout her years in the House, she fought to ensure the bill in its final version was a sound one. She saw significant flaws in the bill as it was proposed and passed the House, but she worked with the attorney general’s office and worked to be sure it was modified in the Senate. When that was done, Heidi felt confident that the bill was sound public policy and supported it.

All of this information is out there and readily available. Heidi wrote to her constituents in depth about the issue in April 2017, outlining the entire process in this particular bill. The accuser in last week’s paper, I’m afraid, simply chose to ignore those facts.

In this day and age with so much political division and character assassination, it is upsetting to see it come to an election in Stowe. Heidi is open and honest about her record and about where she stands on issues.

I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I do not vote party lines, I vote for the best person and I am proud to support Heidi because the independent, thoughtful and experienced voice she brings to Montpelier on our behalf is precisely what we need at this time."

By James Stephenson

"Stowe is lucky to have Heidi Scheuermann as its representative.  She is a great asset to our town, and really knows what she is doing."


By Tom Koch, Former State Representative, Barre Town

"Heidi is a truly independent thinker, often to the frustration of her party leaders, as she never gave her vote on a purely partisan basis.  She is know for working across the aisle, being an expert in Vermont's commerce industry, especially tourism, and working to replace Act 60/68 with a rational and understandable education funding mechanism.

It would be extremely difficult for the people of Stowe to find a more respected and effective legislator than Heidi Scheuermann."

By Cathy Davis, Stowe Resident, School Bus Driver, and Dedicated Member of the Stowe Community

"Currently, Stowe has a fantastic state representative, Heidi Scheuermann, who is the voice for our town at the state level, keeping the sanctity of our community intact and a constant draw for many to vacation here and even choose this place of refuge as their own."

"It has not been easy for our town to stay intact as a small community, but Heidi has been our voice at the State House to ensure that those who have lived here for many, many years continue to make it their home, and those newer Stoweites appreciate our small, close-knit community as much as we do.  The voice of the small business owners and local homeowners are heard and their concerns are taken to the State House."


By Tad Davis, Stowe Resident, Lifelong Vermonter, Small Business Owner

"It is easy to be distracted and polarized by the current state of politics at the national level. Giving into this momentum "wave" at our local level without truly assessing a candidate's ability to make a positive impact for our town in Montpelier is an uninformed mistake." 

"If you look at Heidi Scheuermann's service to our community over the past 12 years, you wills see a record of balance, which is rarely accomplished in politics today."

"Please take the time to understand the issues and the candidates' stance on the issues.  Personally, I think you will find that Heidi is the most qualified candidate for the House and has all of our best interests at heart.  Heidi's continued service is the right choice for all of Stowe."

by Katy Tymon, Stowe Resident, Lifelong Vermonter, and Tourism Industry Veteran

"Heidi gets the work done that we as a town need and has a good time while she is doing it, but most of all, she's an advocate for Stowe.  She's a caring, compassionate, intelligent woman, who is not only willing, but is dedicated to listening to all sides, parties, and ages in order to make decisions based on what's best for her community as a whole.

Her devotion to the Stowe community and her leadership are timeless and unwavering.  She stands for Stowe and has represented this town with distinction."


By Stowe Reporter Staff

Scheuermann for House Campaign Kick-Off

Scheuermann: "So, as we look toward our future and see what work remains, it is absolutely critical that Stowe has an experienced, independent, thoughtful voice in Montpelier that is both willing and able to work across the political spectrum to advance good, sound, public policy, but also one willing to take on the special interests and fight against bad public policy."

"I believe I am still that person."


By Leigh Pelletier, Stowe Resident, Parent, and School Board Member

"Her (Heidi's) focus has been on doing what's best for our town.  I have tremendous respect for Heidi's work ethic, her critical thinking skills, and her understanding that following one's moral compass is more important than blindly following the party line.

Heidi has worked tireless for our town over the past dozen years, and she continues to exert the same level of energy and dedication that she always has.  She is respected throughout the state, and her longevity and experience are huge assets to our town."