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December 6, 2018

The schools are well-run, efficient, effective and innovative. But the law says that if districts can merge easily, they ought to merge, or be forced to merge.

So, the state board made a decision by default, not because it’s right.

And that’s not right.

By Josh O'Gorman, Stowe Reporter Staff

Board member Oliver Olsen made the motion to allow Elmore-Morristown and Stowe to remain independent.

“Their current structure allows them to meet the goals of Act 46,” Olsen said. “Of all the proposals, I found this one to be the most compelling. They are working well together.”

Carroll said the board’s deliberations had been “dismissive” of alternative governance proposals, such as the one offered by Elmore-Morristown and Stowe; the proposals did not receive a fair hearing because they differed from the preferred structure described by the law.

“It’s like saying, ‘I don’t like cats because they’re not dogs,’” Carroll said.

By Lola Duffort, Staff

David Bickford, from the Elmore-Morristown board, told state officials that a forced merger between the two communities would cause people on the ground to “retreat” from the considerable – and voluntary – work already done to bring the two districts closer together. And Stowe school board member Jim Brochhausen read off a litany of data points to argue the two districts already had basically the same curriculum and substantial equity in both academic offerings and outcomes.

Their presentation almost convinced the state board, who revisited their decision later in the meeting at the prompting of student member Callahan Beck.

Carroll made a motion to reconsider the board’s earlier vote, saying that while he hadn’t agreed with the secretary’s reasoning in her proposed plan, a study of the districts’ joint alternative governance proposal had made him rethink his earlier decision.

“There’s pretty compelling evidence that the AGS proposal of these communities, and their track record of years and years of collaboration, shows that the AGS is highly responsive to the objectives of the act,” he said.

But the board split 4-4, with Huling then breaking the tie to vote against reconsideration.

By Josh O'Gorman, Stowe Reporter Staff

"Now in its 14th year, the event is the creation of Gov. Phil Scott; it fills a gap not being met by the state, said . Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe. 

“We didn’t have enough money for fuel assistance for low-income Vermonters,” said Scheuermann, as she volunteered at the Stowe Events Field on Weeks Hill Road, one of many tire drop-off locations around the state. “This is a creative way to help people with heating assistance and it allows people a safe, responsible way to recycle their tires.”



By Wendelyn Duquette

"I remain an independent voter, because my decision to vote for a candidate is based not just on the candidate’s qualifications, but also on how their presence will impact the overall discussions in the Legislature. I often vote to be sure that there is a political balance in Montpelier (or, in national elections, in Washington.)

As our legislatures gets more heavily weighted in one perspective or another, we lose the benefit of differing points of view, which are critical for developing strong, thoughtful public policy. With Democrats holding a very large majority in both the Vermont House and the Senate, it is critical that moderate, independent voices like Heidi’s remain in place to ensure that balances discussions influence our legislative outcomes.

Heidi has been a thoughtful, effective legislator carefully researching the merits of her positions and she works hard for our community. As an independent Vermonter, I want to be sure that some semblance of balance remains in Montpelier."

By Brenda Convery

"I appreciate knowing where you stand on the issues facing us here, where you stand on the issues of education, health care and tax policy. And, I appreciate knowing what you have done on our behalf through the years and how you plan to serve us going forward.

As our political discourse nationally has been debased by vile, hateful rhetoric, it is refreshing to have somebody focus on a positive message about the future of Stowe and Vermont."

By Graham Mink, Stowe Native, Father, and Small Business Owner

"Heidi grew up in Stowe, lives, works and volunteers here today, and really understands our community. Her legislative experience is also invaluable. She understands how to influence the Legislature and state government, often reaching across the aisle, to achieve results for our benefit. Her work on the creation of the Ethics Commission, increased funding for tourism, and the Mountain Road paving are just some of the more recent items we wouldn’t benefit from today without Heidi’s hard work and perseverance."

By Caleigh Cross, Stowe Reporter

“I’ve been instrumental right here in Stowe” in listening to residents’ concerns and translating them into action in Montpelier, Scheuermann said, and “I enjoy this job as much as I did” 12 years ago.

To Scheuermann, keeping taxes low, keeping local control of education and ensuring individual freedoms are key ...

Scheuermann defined herself as “a proud Vermont Republican,” in the mold of Justin Smith Morrill or George Aiken. She ticked off a few times she’s strayed from party lines, including in 2009, when she was among the first to vote to legalize same-sex marriage, and this year, when she supported legislation that banned possession of bump stocks, which increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons ...

Scheuermann outlined her three-part economic policy at the Statehouse: “Encourage, reward, protect” — that is, encourage businesses to invest in their communities, reward them by encouraging them to “reinvest that success” in themselves, and protecting businesses from heavy taxation that could halt growth.

“I think it is critical. I think I’ve done that throughout my career,” Scheuermann said ...

“I’m proud of the work I’ve done on your behalf, and there’s still work to do,” Scheuermann said.

By Monique Duckworth, Longtime Stowe Small Business Owner

"From serving in the Peace Corps upon graduation from college to her 12 years as Stowe's representative to the State House (plus all the other volunteer positions held), she has shown independence, integrity, and most of all, experience."

Heidi Scheuermann / Marina Meerburg Debate

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

For all who could not make the debate on Wednesday, October 3rd, we encourage you to watch it online here.

Thank you to the Stowe Reporter for providing this opportunity to the people of Stowe to get to know each of the candidates for Stowe's sole seat in the Vermont House of Representatives, and understand where each of those candidates stand on the issues of importance to all of us.

And, thank you to Green Mountain Access (GMA 15) for recording it.