By Xander Landen,

“We have seen nothing from anyone for weeks and weeks and weeks and now all of a sudden suspend rules so we can pass these so we can adjourn?” said House Minority Leader Pattie McCoy, R-Poultney.

“The nineteenth week, the eleventh hour, and they still don’t have it? Something’s wrong, and I will absolutely not suspend rules on that,” she said.

With 43 members, Republicans in the House have the 38 votes needed to successfully prevent Democratic leadership from taking up bills ahead of schedule. When bills move between the House and the Senate, lawmakers must wait 24 hours before holding a vote—unless the rules are suspended.

Throughout the session, Republicans have opposed the proposed minimum wage increase and the Democrats’ paid leave plan, which relies on a mandatory payroll tax.

“The governor’s probably going to veto them,” said Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe. “Why should we have to stick around for a point they’re trying to make?”