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By Kevin McCallum, Seven Days

When his pleas to the Vermont Agency of Transportation fell on deaf ears, Lewis sought help from state Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe).

"She got all the way to the top, and the secretary of transportation called my house to tell me, 'Listen, we're working on a solution,'" Lewis said.

Lewis feels grateful to have an advocate with a track record of going to bat for people and businesses in Stowe. "She is boots on the ground," Lewis said. "I've never seen anyone work so hard for their constituents as Heidi Scheuermann."

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With Alexandra Sharat

"Moderate voices have always been those folks who have brought people together, and that's just not happening these days, unfortunately."

By Xander Landen,

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, questioned whether having separate grant categories for women and minorities would end up “pigeonholing” these business owners and prevent them from applying to other grant programs. 

“I’m just curious, is this pigeonholing women and minorities into a particular grant program that won’t, clearly, be able to cover anything close to what will be needed,” she said.   

Marcotte, the chair of the economic development committee, said these business owners could apply to other state grant programs, and if they received multiple offers, would have to choose one of the grants. 

He said that his committee wanted to create a program specifically for women- and minority-owned businesses because they’re typically the ones that are “left behind” and aren’t made aware of existing grant opportunities.