For the past 14 years, I have vigorously advocated for education funding reform and property tax relief.  Time after time, I have tried to educate my colleagues on the unfairness and unsustainability of the current system, and have pleaded for comprehensive reform. Yet, time and again, my pleas have been dismissed by the legislative leaders.

Unfortunately, I fear that instead of addressing the root cause of the problem - the education funding system itself, and reconnecting Vermont voters to the budgets they vote on and money spent - leaders in Montpelier will continue to wrest more and more control from local districts and voters, and put it in the hands of the state; continue to advocate for top-down mandates from Montpelier that they say will bring spending under control; and continue to blame local voters and school boards if spending increases.

To that, I simply say "ENOUGH!"

Our education funding system is broken and beyond repair.  It is time for meaningful reform.

The only way we will achieve true sustainability in the program and long-term property tax relief is to create a system in which more Vermonters are connected, better, to their spending decisions.

Rest assured, I will continue my vigorous advocacy for just that.