I have spent much of my time over the past fourteen years advocating for greater attention to, and investment in, our state’s economic growth.  And, while I'm proud of my achievements over that time, I have found that far too often, the health of our state's economy is on the back burner when it comes to legislative priorities.

Unfortunately, our state's economy has taken a significant hit with COVID-19.  This is especially the case in the hospitality industry, a sector of our economy for which I have advocated vigorously throughout my career.  I am pleased that we have made the CARES Act funds available to our small businesses, but we have much more to do to ensure that our the hospitality industry, and our economy in general, emerges from this devastation successfully.

Toward that end, I am committed to doing all I can to get additional funds into the hands of our families and businesses, and to ensuring we continue to reopen our economy safely.  I am hopeful we will begin that work on day one when we return to session August 25th.