Community, and service to community, has been an integral part of Heidi's life since she was a child.  Her parents, Anne-Marie and Peter Scheuermann, instilled in her and her siblings a sense of duty to her community, insisted that they give back, and provided countless opportunities to do so.  Of course, this was prior to any school requirements or credit for community service.  Rather, it was simply an important part of the Scheuermann household as they grew up: be grateful for what you have, and always find opportunities to give back.  

Following her years growing up in Stowe helping at the Blessed Sacrament Church and at her family's senior housing property, Heidi began her college career at Saint Louis University.  There, rather than pursuing membership in a traditional sorority, Heidi instead chose to join the Saint Louis University Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity.

For four years, Heidi was proud to serve the SLU community, and the larger community of St. Louis through APO, and wondered how she might be able to continue giving back.

That is when she decided to apply for the United State Peace Corps.  When she was in high school, Heidi had been introduced to the Peace Corps through a cousin who served in Liberia.  Since that time, she had been intrigued by the program, and decided while at SLU to take the leap.

To this day, the three years she spent in the Peace Corps, teaching English as a Second Language in Klodzko Poland were the most influential three years of her life.  She was given the unparalleled opportunity to open her heart and soul to a different culture and people, to learn incredible things from these new friends and family, and to share with them all that she could about America and being American.  It is an experience Heidi will forever treasure.


Upon her return to the United States, Heidi began her service on behalf of the State of Vermont, working for legendary Senator James M. Jeffords on the Senate Health, Education Labor, and Pensions Committee.

And since her return to Stowe, she has immersed herself into our wonderful community of Stowe, giving generously of her time, effort, and money.

  •      Serving for six years on the Stowe Select Board - including two terms as Chair
  •      Helping to found and lead Stowe Vibrancy
  •      Being a very active member of the Stowe Rotary Club
  •      Bringing the annual Wheels for Warmth to Stowe and Lamoille County
  •      Volunteering for numerous events and causes each year - including the Stowe Weekend of Hope, and others

Heidi's service to Stowe in the Vermont House is just an extension of her lifetime commitment to service.