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Phone Numbers

Maintence Routine - Call Joe Hester Ingram - (802) 371-8810 

Fire Call 911 or (802) 846-4110

Furnace or water heater: Vermont Gas (802) 863-4511 or your own private service provider.

Plumbing and water leaks - Call a plumber of your choice, and notify Joe Hester Ingram 802 371 8810

Please notify a Director in your building, and leave a message for Joe Hester Ingram (802) 371-8810

Spring 2022 Update

Spring has arrived to South Burlington and Bay Court will resume work that was approved by the Directors and Homeowners with a budget and Special Assessment in July of 2021. Post COVID world has seen increases in both materials cost and labor rates. As we proceed with siding repairs, we will need to revisit the budget for the other aspects of the project schedule - i.e. Parking lot maintenance and pavement, and the carport concrete floors and drainage. As the Special Assessment installments are being paid by most homeowners in 5 installments between Fall of 2021 and fall of 2023, the work will be scheduled as these funds become available.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

on behalf of the Bay Court Directors,

Joe Hester Ingram - Secretary


Note to Homeowners 10-03-2021



Dear Homeowners,

This is a note to advise you on several matters:
1. Vermont Construction Company will be beginning repairs on the front side of car port #1. They have said that they will begin this week of October 4th. They will be able to work around cars parked in the car port. Be sure your car is totally inside the carport, or park in your outside space. Depending on weather, they anticipate work lasting about two weeks. Let me know if you have any questions.
2. A Rule Reminder is being posted on your door. Please review.
3. Many Homeowners have paid their first installment of the special assessment. Others may be awaiting the issuance of a statement. Statements will be distributed this week. If you have not already paid your first installment, please pay before the end of October.
4. The board will be continuing a schedule of work as funds come in and as contractors are available. Post COVID work environment includes busy schedules for contractors, so we may have to wait in line for more work to be completed.   

Thank you for your attention.

Joe Hester Ingram, Secretary for the Board

2021 Meetings


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