July 21, 2020

We have a great deal of which to be proud here in Vermont.  As other parts of our country are battling immense waves of COVID-19 cases, our trends have remained relatively steady - even as we have continued to reopen our economy.

As of today, we have the lowest number of cases in the country, our positivity rate has remained one of the lowest in the nation, and we haven't had a COVID-related death in over 30 days.

This is all great news.  Clearly Vermonters are being very careful, are making smart decisions, and have the health and safety of our friends and neighbors at the forefront of our minds.

But, make no mistake, we must remain vigilant.  We all must continue to wear masks when in the presence of others, practice proper social distancing, and wash our hands with soap and water frequently.

As we continue to reopen, however, please know that more positive cases of COVID19 will arise in our region. Rest assured, though, our health care providers and other professionals are prepared for them.  I urge all of us not to panic or to cause widespread panic each time we hear of a new case. I am confident that those individuals who test positive will be cared for appropriately by our health care professionals. But, any and all medical decisions will be made by the patient(s) and the health care professionals. That includes what individuals in the patient's orbit require testing, self-isolation, or anything else.

With regard to where these positive cases may arise, know that it could be anywhere.  I would urge all of us, though, to show support to those businesses/workplaces, and the employees of them, when the positive cases arise. We are all doing our best navigating all of this, and care and kindness are more important than ever right now.

Finally, I urge all employers/businesses/workplaces to study this document from the Vermont Department of Health.

This tool, and all of its links to further information, will help you to prepare and to know what to expect if there is a positive case in your workplace.

Once again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a mask when in the presence of others (which is required in Stowe), practice proper social distancing, and wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Those are the best things we can do to continue to mitigate the spread.

As always, though, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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