As my eighth legislative session serving the people of Stowe comes to a close, I am announcing my intention to not seek reelection to the Vermont House of Representatives in 2022.  This decision was not an easy one and is bittersweet, but it is the right one.


It has been my privilege and my most sincere honor to serve the people of my hometown for the last 16 years.  Growing up in Stowe, I never imagined such a tremendous opportunity, and have been so grateful for the support of my friends and neighbors throughout these years.


It is difficult to look back at everything through the course of my 16 years, but I can say I very proud of my work to expand economic opportunities for all, to support our private sector by encouraging job and wage growth, and to ensure our most vulnerable Vermonters have the critical supports they need.


I am especially proud of my work to bring greater attention to, and support for, our state’s tourism industry, one of the most critical sectors of our economy.  For many years, tourism was not a priority under the Golden Dome, but by working across the political spectrum to fight for the industry, and ultimately, creating the Tourism Caucus, I and like-minded colleagues helped to change that paradigm.  We have been able to better understand the needs of the industry and advocate together for those needs, and that is very gratifying.


While my fierce advocacy for comprehensive education funding reform and property tax relief, and my fight to return local control of education to our local communities has been a Sisyphean task, and will continue to need a champion in the years to come, I am proud of all that I have done to ensure Vermonters know how we have all suffered.  Montpelier believes in the one-size-fits-all, big warehouse approach to education, and toward that end, has wrested almost all control of our local schools and our education from our local communities.  My lack of success in this work for local control is my biggest regret.


At this time, though, it is simply time to step aside, and time for a new face and a new voice to represent our wonderful community – a voice that that will continue to put Stowe interests ahead of partisan political or ideological interests; a voice that knows and understands the Stowe community, schools, businesses, and culture; a voice that will continue to fight for Stowe and not for a political party or special interest groups.


Ultimately, I have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished by working with people from across the political spectrum to advance the interests of the people of Stowe and of Vermont.  It has never been a partisan political or activist job for me, and I am hopeful that the current wave of ideological purity and partisan political activism does not come to Stowe.


Thank you to the Stowe community for your confidence through the years.  It has been a true honor to serve you.  While my work as your elected official in Montpelier will come to an end, I will remain a steadfast champion of this community that has provided me so much joy throughout the years.