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By Lola Duffort,

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, who sponsored H.39, told the committee Tuesday that their version of the bill would be a “hard sell” with lawmakers. And she said one of the main problems with Act 46 had been that the State Board of Education, which decided which districts should merge under the law, didn’t fully understand the local context.

“I would submit to you that picking out certain districts for extension and not extension, is something of a challenge. I don’t think members of the committee understand all of the districts, and what each of the situation is on the ground,” she said.

By David Delcore, Rutland Herald/Times Argus

Scheuermann is hoping to round up 76 lawmakers to support the proposal that some fear will derail mergers on their way to completion and be used by those more interested in undermining the law than having more time to comply with it.

By Lola Duffort,

Meanwhile, H.39 is expected to land in the House chamber next week. Anxious to move the legislation out of committee, where it has lingered for two weeks, Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, who sponsored the bill, earlier this week negotiated a commitment from House Speaker Mitzi Johnson for a floor debate and vote on Tuesday.

Scheuermann called the proposed amendment “a new and interesting thought,” and said she was fine with postponing the vote a little longer.

“If it’s possible that we can get the support of the committee for a delay, by going in this direction, if I need to give it another day, and our group needs to give it another day, we’re happy to do that,” she said.