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By Graham Mink, Stowe Native, Father, and Small Business Owner

"Heidi grew up in Stowe, lives, works and volunteers here today, and really understands our community. Her legislative experience is also invaluable. She understands how to influence the Legislature and state government, often reaching across the aisle, to achieve results for our benefit. Her work on the creation of the Ethics Commission, increased funding for tourism, and the Mountain Road paving are just some of the more recent items we wouldn’t benefit from today without Heidi’s hard work and perseverance."

By Caleigh Cross, Stowe Reporter

“I’ve been instrumental right here in Stowe” in listening to residents’ concerns and translating them into action in Montpelier, Scheuermann said, and “I enjoy this job as much as I did” 12 years ago.

To Scheuermann, keeping taxes low, keeping local control of education and ensuring individual freedoms are key ...

Scheuermann defined herself as “a proud Vermont Republican,” in the mold of Justin Smith Morrill or George Aiken. She ticked off a few times she’s strayed from party lines, including in 2009, when she was among the first to vote to legalize same-sex marriage, and this year, when she supported legislation that banned possession of bump stocks, which increase the rate of fire of semiautomatic weapons ...

Scheuermann outlined her three-part economic policy at the Statehouse: “Encourage, reward, protect” — that is, encourage businesses to invest in their communities, reward them by encouraging them to “reinvest that success” in themselves, and protecting businesses from heavy taxation that could halt growth.

“I think it is critical. I think I’ve done that throughout my career,” Scheuermann said ...

“I’m proud of the work I’ve done on your behalf, and there’s still work to do,” Scheuermann said.

By Monique Duckworth, Longtime Stowe Small Business Owner

"From serving in the Peace Corps upon graduation from college to her 12 years as Stowe's representative to the State House (plus all the other volunteer positions held), she has shown independence, integrity, and most of all, experience."