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Stowe Rep. Heidi Scheuermann accused the Democrats of not keeping their word.

How do you back out of this proposal?" asked Scheuermann.  "This is a test for the Vermont House and right now we're failing."

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, blasted Democrats for shifting their stance on using surplus money to buy down tax rates.

"This is really disingenuous and to say now that we can't support a buy-down of property tax rates in 2020, when that is what we agreed to," she said on the House floor.  "This is less than our finest hour."

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe) proposed an amendment to Toll's latest proposal that would have reinserted the three-way compromise.

Toll attempted to defend her apparent reversal. "In the afternoon, several members told me they could not support [the three-way split]," she said.  "I felt the best way to move forward was to remove that part and move the process onward." She then advised House members to contact their senators and ask them to support a compromise on the budget.

It was a curious moment; the House's chief budget write was essentially telling her colleagues to vote against an amendment she had herself proposed and shepherded to a unanimous committee vote earlier that evening.