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May 28, 2015

As had been predicted, the 2015 Legislative Session – one of the most unusual sessions in my memory – came to a close late Saturday, May 16, 2015.

From opening the session with a Governor, who did not receive a majority of votes on Election Day, facing a challenge in his quest to retain his seat; to a large protest by angry single payer advocates dominating the Governor’s Inaugural Address; and from the unceremonious ouster of the longtime Sergeant of Arms; to the tragedy of the arrest in the final days of the session of a sitting Senator.

Between these bookmarks, however, there was work that had to be done. 

We again faced a significant budget deficit – this one at $113 million; had the EPA demanding a real effort on the water quality in Lake Champlain; and had Vermonters clamoring for property tax relief, and meaningful economic development efforts.  And, on these notes, there were both positive developments and significant disappointments.