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Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe) announced today that she will run for re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives.

“It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve the people of Stowe in the Vermont House for the past twelve years,” said Scheuermann.  “Fighting for education funding reform and property tax relief, responsible state spending, policies that encourage private sector economic growth and jobs, ethics legislation, responsible environmental stewardship, and health care reform that works for Vermonters have all been at the center of my efforts.  And, I have worked diligently throughout the years, with people from across the political spectrum, to achieve success in each critical policy area.”

“While it has certainly been a challenge through those years, I am pleased that the leadership of Governor Phil Scott last year allowed us, for the first time in known history, to pass a state budget without relying on any new or increased taxes or fees – all while ensuring we protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors and invest where needed in efforts like housing, and tourism and economic development marketing.  And, while there are some disagreements at this time over the coming Fiscal Year budget, I am confident we are on the verge of doing it now for a second time.”

Despite many legislative achievements over the years, Scheuermann pointed to the challenges that continue to face the community of Stowe and the State of Vermont.

Ever the optimist, I am pleased to report that for the first time in a very long time, there seems to be some acknowledgement on the part of some Vermont legislators that, in fact, our education funding system is broken. 


As most in our region know, this is a tune I have been singing since I arrived in the House a decade after Act 60 went into law.  Unfortunately, though, it has been a lonely road – even as I unveiled various reform proposals through the years.  Now, however, it seems as though the looming 9.4 cent increase in the statewide property tax rate have have lit a fire under other legislators, as well.

Vermont State Legislators returned to Montpelier this week facing significant, although not unexpected, challenges.


While last year, thanks to the leadership of Governor Phil Scott, we passed a state budget that did not rely on any increased taxes or fees, it is clear now that it was merely a first step in trying to restore fiscal responsibility and sustainability to our state government.  For too many years prior, we increased state spending by a far larger percentage than our economy grew, simply giving the bill to our hard-working Vermont families and businesses in the form of increased taxes and fees.  Not surprisingly, this resulted in investment being constrained, and anemic economic growth.


Now, even as we worked together to find real savings last year, we still face a $45 million budget gap for Fiscal Year 2019, so the finding of greater efficiencies and belt-tightening must continue.