By Tommy Gardner, News and Citizen and Stowe Reporter

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, was assigned to the House Committee on Energy and Technology, her fifth committee in 12 years in the Legislature.

She’s been around the Statehouse a decade longer than the committee has. Formed in the last biennium, the committee, according to the Legislature’s website, “considers matters relating to energy, including the regulation of power generation, transmission facilities, energy efficiency, natural gas facilities, and siting of energy facilities; utilities, including rates and quality of service; telecommunications, siting of telecommunications facilities, the buildout of cellular and broadband services, and rates and quality of service; and the state's information technology systems.”

Scheuermann said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson determined, “correctly in my view,” that such a standing committee was needed. Historically, the issues her committee will address were the jurisdiction of other committees.

“As such, energy and technology items didn’t receive the proper attention,” she said.

She was eager to join the new committee because she thinks one of the key issues facing Stowe and the state is “high-quality, reliable” cellphone and broadband coverage.

“It is absolutely critical to our state’s economic growth to put into place policies that will ensure coverage is developed and deployed broadly, efficiently and effectively,” Scheuermann said.

In the last biennium, Scheuermann was on the House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee. Before that, she was on the Commerce and Economic Development Committee for six years, and on House Judiciary before that, and House Transportation before that.

Scheuermann said Tuesday she remembers an old newspaper story talking about her and her family’s “athletic exploits,” in which her mother said Scheuermann was the most versatile athlete in the family.

“I’ve looked fondly back at that as I’ve been assigned to various committees during my service here,” she said, smiling. “Maybe, just maybe, I am the most versatile legislator.”