By Wendelyn Duquette

"I remain an independent voter, because my decision to vote for a candidate is based not just on the candidate’s qualifications, but also on how their presence will impact the overall discussions in the Legislature. I often vote to be sure that there is a political balance in Montpelier (or, in national elections, in Washington.)

As our legislatures gets more heavily weighted in one perspective or another, we lose the benefit of differing points of view, which are critical for developing strong, thoughtful public policy. With Democrats holding a very large majority in both the Vermont House and the Senate, it is critical that moderate, independent voices like Heidi’s remain in place to ensure that balances discussions influence our legislative outcomes.

Heidi has been a thoughtful, effective legislator carefully researching the merits of her positions and she works hard for our community. As an independent Vermonter, I want to be sure that some semblance of balance remains in Montpelier."