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By Leigh Pelletier, Stowe Resident, Parent, and School Board Member

"Her (Heidi's) focus has been on doing what's best for our town.  I have tremendous respect for Heidi's work ethic, her critical thinking skills, and her understanding that following one's moral compass is more important than blindly following the party line.

Heidi has worked tireless for our town over the past dozen years, and she continues to exert the same level of energy and dedication that she always has.  She is respected throughout the state, and her longevity and experience are huge assets to our town."


Photo by Caleigh Cross. "Rep. Heidi Scheuermann takes a picture of some of the Stowe Police Officers"

By Tommy Gardner, Stowe Reporter

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"Democrats have also done a little opposition research into Scheuermann, following up on an inquiry the Stowe Reporter did into a Route 108 paving project earlier this summer.  The $1.3 million resurfacing project came as a surprise, since it wasn't on the Vermont Transportation Agency's work schedule until at least 2020 ...

Scheuermann said she's fine with any role she and Westman may have played in convincing the state to fast-track the project.  She said she finds it "interesting, yet a bit troubling" that people would try to find fault in getting "six and a half miles of the most important road in Stowe paved. 

"I'm not going to apologize for doing everything I can to serve the best interests of Stowe," she said.


By Darsey Moon, Stowe Resident

"Kudos to Heidi Scheuermann, who made the project happen.  I'm smiling and my knee rehabilitation is so much more enjoyable!"

By Michael Priestley, Stowe Resident

"At the local level, I happen to think that Heidi Scheuermann, for example, has done a fine job representing us for several years now.  I will vote for her again, based on her qualifications and her record, not on the fact that she is a Republican."


By Tom Ashworth, Stowe Resident

"I want to thank Heidi Scheuermann for the work she did to get the Mountain Road paved this summer."

By Matt Krauss, Stowe Resident

"The best representatives I have seen will work diligently - and often without recognition - for their particular community and its constituents well-being.  They are honest and will, without fear or favor, explain their support and position for legislation.  They are prepared to do the "right thing" rather than the "expedient thing."  And, more importantly, they will perform unheralded and time-consuming constituent services such as responding to text messages, emails, phone calls, etc.

I know Heidi has demonstrated these qualities throughout her career.  Heidi is tested and trusted, and she has earned our support."

"We haven't had a campaign in a number of years, so we got the team back together," Scheuermann said.  "We certainly encourage people to support us if tey can, financially or otherwise.  It's clear the people who support me want to see me re-elected, and that entails raising some money."

What the Vermont Legislature got done, and what they didn't.

"And, despite multiple paths offered by my administration and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, it's clear majority leaders are willing to threaten a shutdown of state government, just to unnecessarily raise tax rates," Scott said.

Despite his opposition, however, Scott said he'll allow the new budget to go into law, in order toa void the government shutdown that might have gone into place had Vermont entered the new fiscal year without a spending plan in place.

"As governor, I will not put the health and safety of Vermonters or the stability of our economy at risk," Scott said.  "While I do not support raising any tax rates in a year we have a $55 million surplus, this debate has gone as far as it can responsibly go."