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"We haven't had a campaign in a number of years, so we got the team back together," Scheuermann said.  "We certainly encourage people to support us if tey can, financially or otherwise.  It's clear the people who support me want to see me re-elected, and that entails raising some money."

What the Vermont Legislature got done, and what they didn't.

"And, despite multiple paths offered by my administration and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, it's clear majority leaders are willing to threaten a shutdown of state government, just to unnecessarily raise tax rates," Scott said.

Despite his opposition, however, Scott said he'll allow the new budget to go into law, in order toa void the government shutdown that might have gone into place had Vermont entered the new fiscal year without a spending plan in place.

"As governor, I will not put the health and safety of Vermonters or the stability of our economy at risk," Scott said.  "While I do not support raising any tax rates in a year we have a $55 million surplus, this debate has gone as far as it can responsibly go."