Wheels for Warmth Lamoille County Tire Drop-Off
Thursday, October 25, 2018, 02:00pm - 06:00pm

Thursday, October 25th and Friday, October 26th

2:00 - 6:00 PM

Stowe Events Field Parking Lot

Weeks Hill Road


The 14th Annual Wheels for Warmth Fundraiser is coming to Stowe on October 25th and 26th for a Stowe/Lamoille County Tire Drop-Off Location.

An annual fundraiser, Wheels for Warmth was established in 2005 as a fundraiser for emergency heating assistance programs.  The program has three goals:

1) Raise funds for emergency fuel assistance for distribution to needy families through regional Community Action Agencies

2) Create a resource of DMV-inspected tires that are deemed safe for at least one season of use, to be sold to needy Vermonters at reasonable prices;

3) Provide a convenient, inexpensive way to dispose of unwanted tires, reducing the number of tires discarded in rivers or along our roadways.

To date, the program has raised over $350,000 for fuel assistance, sold 15,000 safe donated tires, and recycled almost 25,000 unsafe, unusable tires.

Please save your tires and bring them to the Stowe Events Field Parking on October 25th and 26th.  If they are still usable, they will be sold at the Tire Sale on October 27th at reasonable prices.  If they are no longer usable they will be disposed of conveniently and responsibly at a very reasonable cost.

This is a great way to support our neighbors and friends in need throughout the winter months.