As the 2016 Vermont election season heats up, I have been asked by many who I am supporting for Governor; who I believe has the determination, the common sense, the right experience to bring to the job; and who I believe can lead our great state forward at this very critical time in our history.

My answer is simple: Phil Scott.

I have known Phil now for 16 years – as a good friend, a colleague, and a leader.  We have worked closely together in Montpelier to make economic growth the number one priority, give working Vermonters a voice, and put our fiscal house in order.  I have been there with him as be has brought together people from across the political spectrum to move an important initiative forward.  And, I’ve seen firsthand his desire to get things done – even if somebody else gets the credit for it. 

It is time, long overdue in fact, for Vermont to have a leader with that kind of conviction, service, and humility.

Vermont families and businesses deserve a steady hand right now.  We deserve somebody who puts their interests first, not special interest groups or national political efforts.  We deserve somebody who understands well the challenges of raising a family here, of running and growing a small business here, and of providing for employees here.  We deserve somebody who is unwilling to compromise his convictions, but who has shown the willingness and ability to work with anyone – regardless of party – to get things done for the people of Vermont.

This election is a critical one.  It will undoubtedly determine the direction in which our state goes from here.  If we're serious about making Vermont more affordable and the economy stronger, we need to elect Phil. 

At this time, proposal after proposal has been put on the table by Democrats to raise taxes on Vermonters to pay for large, new expensive government programs.  Frankly, I don't think we can afford any more.

I know the Vermont families and businesses I talk to certainly can’t.   We can’t even afford the nearly $700 million the Democrats have raised in new taxes and fees in the last 6 years.  Families and businesses are struggling to make ends meet, to pay their bills, and to save for their children’s college.  They continue to struggle to pay their property taxes, and to pay for the ever-increasing cost of the health insurance and health care.  It’s time to give people a break.  It’s time to stop nickel and diming people out of business and out of state.

I know the people right here in Lamoille County simply want us to take a step back from the brink, to get our fiscal house in order, and to make the health of our economy the number one priority in Montpelier.  Phil Scott is committed to doing just that and has the experience and ability to make sure it happens.

For this reason, I urge all Vermonters – Republican, Democrats, and Independents – who wan to see a return to moderation, common sense, fiscal responsibility, and economic growth – to vote for Phil Scott.